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Terminal Setup Emulation Tab for Reflection HP

HP Terminal > Setup > Terminal > Emulation

Use the Emulation tab options to set values specific to the type of terminal you are emulating (as indicated on the Terminal Type tab in this dialog box).

Setting Description
Online Select to have Reflection for HP function as a terminal (also called "remote mode").
Clear this option to enter local mode. In local mode, Reflection for HP does not attempt to communicate with a host computer. Characters entered from the keyboard appear on the screen, but are not transmitted to the host; nor is any data received from the host (for example, notification of a mail message).
This value is not saved with your session settings.
Inhibit EOL wrap When this check box is left cleared, Reflection automatically returns the cursor to the left margin in the next line when the cursor reaches either the right margin or the right screen edge. When selected, each one overwrites the character at the right margin until you explicitly move the cursor by pressing Return or using an arrow key.