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Terminal Setup Keyboard and Mouse for Reflection HP

HP Terminal > Setup > Terminal > Keyboard & Mouse

The Keyboard and Mouse tab lets you select keyboard options, such as typeahead and destructive backspace, and the function of VT terminal keys if you have a VT terminal selected as your Terminal type. You can also use the Standard File and Edit menu shortcuts option to cut and paste. This supports standard Windows cut and paste keyboard shortcuts.

Setting Description
Destructive Backspace By default, pressing Backspace moves the cursor to the left without erasing characters. Select this check box to erase the character to the left of the cursor when you press Backspace.
Typeahead With an HP 3000 in character mode and remote mode, you must wait for a host prompt before entering new data. After the host has processed your input, it transmits a prompt to Reflection for HP as a signal to start sending more data. The host ignores any characters it has received before sending its prompt.
By selecting the Typeahead check box, you can type continuously without waiting for the host prompt; Reflection stores your keystrokes in a buffer until the host prompt arrives. When it does, Reflection sends the next line of keyboard input from its buffer. The keyboard never locks when Typeahead is enabled, so if you know what you must type next, you can go ahead and type it.
To see what the prompt character is set to, look at the Host prompt list in the Advanced HP Options dialog box (from the Emulation tab); the default is ^Q (DC1).
To clear the buffer, click Reset-Clear Typeahead on the Connection menu.
When Typeahead is enabled, it is sometimes necessary to clear Reflection's typeahead buffer. Click Reset-Clear Typeahead on the Connection menu to clear Reflection's typeahead buffer.
Caps Lock Mode Select this check box to limit the characters produced from the keyboard to 37 Teletype-compatible codes:
• No lowercase alphabetic characters are generated. All alphabetic keys appear as if they are shifted.
• The ~ (tilde) and ` (grave accent) are disabled.
• The characters {, |, and } are converted to the characters [, \, and ].
Return = Enter The HP enter function is mapped by default to the Enter key on the numeric keypad. If you prefer to use Return for the HP enter function in block mode applications, select this check box. Selecting this check box may cause problems if your host system expects a carriage return.
Asian Keyboard Interpreter This item appears dimmed in VT mode. It also appears dimmed in HP mode if you do not have a double-byte character set selected in the Host character set list on the Emulation tab.

When connecting to an HP 3000, selecting this check box makes the terminal screen cursor actions consistent between single-byte and double-byte characters. For example, on a terminal screen with mixed single- and double-byte characters, pressing the Backspace key once moves the cursor through one double-byte character or one single-byte character. When this check box is cleared, it's necessary to press the Backspace key twice to move through a double-byte character and once to move the cursor through a single-byte character. This check box should typically be checked when connecting to an HP 3000.
This check box should be cleared when connecting to an HP 9000 or a UNIX host because double-byte translation is handled by the host.