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View Settings for Reflection HP

HP Terminal > Setup > View Settings

The View Settings dialog box enables you to view and change all Reflection for HP settings from a single location. Use the Search box to locate settings using all or part of the setting name.

You can use this dialog box to check the current value of a setting, change a settings value, and to find out what valid values are for each setting. When you change a setting here, the corresponding setting in a dialog box changes, too (if there is one).

Use the Advanced button to filter setting information to view mapping-only settings, enabled and disabled settings, or settings that are saved in Windows registry.

You can view the settings in descriptive or programmatic formats by selecting either Descriptive text or Macro syntax respectively.


You can find detailed information about individual settings using the Reflection for HP programming reference. Select Macro syntax to determine the programmatic name for the setting, then search for that name in the programming guide available here: