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Permissions Manager Items in 6530 Terminal\Configuration\DisplaySettings

This group controls settings in the Set Up Display Settings dialog box accessed from the Settings window in a 6530 session.

Item Name Sub-group UI Description
BlinkingRate Blink rate

The speed at which the blink occurs.
BlinkingText Display blinking text

Fields marked as blinking by the host blink.
DisplayDelay Display delay

Sets the delay period between receipt of characters and updating of the display. The higher the value is, the longer the delay. For the Telnet access method this is best left at 1.
DisplayUnderline Display underline

Specifies whether the monochrome underline attribute is displayed.
DisplayVerticalScrollBar Display Vertical Scroll Bar

Displays a vertical scroll bar on the right side of the emulation screen, allowing you to move through display memory.
HostColorChangesEnabled Allow host color changes

Specifies whether the 6530 emulation changes the color map when the host sends color change escape sequences. Unselect this item if you prefer your own color mapping.
InvisibleMapping Allow invisible mapping

Specifies how the invisible attribute is displayed. If checked, invisible attribute fields are visible and therefore can be used to display more colors on the screen. If unchecked, invisible attribute fields are invisible.
Line25ExtraInfo Line 25 Extra Information

Specifies what is displayed on the far right side of the status line (line 25): nothing, the response time, or the cursor location.
ScrollingSpeed Scrolling speed

Specifies how many lines of data the 6530 emulation receives before forcing the on-screen display to be updated when it is receiving large amounts of data. Higher values result in faster scrolling.
UnderlineSpecial Underline special

Specifies how the underline attribute is displayed.