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Permissions Manager Items in 6530 Terminal\Document\Clipboard

This group controls settings in the Configure Clipboard Settings dialog box accessed from the Settings window in a 6530 session.

Item Name Sub-group UI Description
CopyInputOptions Add tabs between fields and Truncate trailing spaces

These two settings specify behavior when performing a Copy Input menu ribbon function, which copies only unprotected fields on a block mode screen into the clipboard:

Add tabs between fields places tab characters between the fields.

Truncate trailing spaces removes trailing spaces from each field.
PasteMapEnabled Map carriage return, line feed to tab

When pasting, replaces any carriage return and line feed characters with a single tab character.
PasteTabCount Number of spaces

When Replace tabs with spaces is selected, any tabs in the pasted data are converted into the number of spaces specified in this field
PasteTabEnabled Replace tabs with spaces

When selected, the Number of spaces field becomes available, and any tabs in the pasted data will be converted into the number of spaces specified in the Number of spaces field.
SelectType Line and Rectangle

Line text selection wraps from the end of one line to the beginning of the next.

Rectangle text selection does not wrap across line boundaries but instead the left and right edges of the selected area fall in the same column on every line.