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Permissions Manager Items in 6530 Terminal\Document\Connection\Security\SSH

This group controls SSH settings in the Set Up Connection Security dialog box accessed from the Settings window in a 6530 session.

Item Name Sub-group UI Description
sshAuthenticationGSSAPIEnabled Use GSSAPI uses GSSAPI for authentication (User name and Password and/or keys are not required).
sshAuthenticationKeyboardInteractiveEnabled Keyboard interactive

When this option is selected, the host prompts for the User name and Password.
sshAuthenticationPasswordEnabled Password under User Authentication

The password is entered in this box when using User name and Password only to authenticate.
sshAuthenticationPublicKeyEnabled Public Key uses keys only to authenticate.
SSHBannerWindow Banner window specifies for the greeting message from the host to appear in a separate window instead of on the emulation screen.
SSHCompression Compression specifies the compression level to use.
SSHConfiguredCommand Execute Command Allows you to enter a command to execute as a startup option. The session will connect, run the command, and close the connection.
SSHEncryption Encryption specifies the encryption strength.
SSHHostCheck Host Check specifies criteria for accepting connections. If set to No, all connections are accepted. If set to Yes and the host is not known, then the connection is refused. If set to Ask User, if the host is not yet known the user is prompted as to whether to accept the connection, and whether or not to trust this host in the future.
SSHLogging Enable logging specifies to log the session to SSHLog.log in the user configuration directory.
SSHPortForwardingDefaultPort Port specifies the port to forward connections to.
SSHPortForwardingEnabled Use port forwarding forwards the connection to the host through the SSH server to the port specified in the Port field.
SSHProgramDefault Run Program allows you to enter a program to run on connection. The session will connect, run the program, and when you exit the program, close the connection.
SSHSFTPEnabled Use SFTP enables secure file transfers via SSH (SFTP) when using the built-in FTP client.
SSHShellDefault Default Shell specifies that you will get the default UNIX shell on the system you are connecting to.
SSHStartupOption Startup Options includes the Default Shell, Execute Command, and Run Program connection options.
SSHTimeoutDefault This is the box under Enable inactivity timeout. It allows you to change the default timeout value.
SSHTimeoutEnabled Enable inactivity timeout specifies to use a timeout. If unselected, the inactivity timeout is disabled.
SSHUsername User name specifies the user name on the SSH host. A user name is required for all authentication methods.
SSHUserPassword Password under User Authentication The password is entered in this box when using User name and Password only to authenticate.
SSHUserPrivateKeyFile Private key file allows you to enter a private key path and file name.
SSHUserPrivateKeyPassword Private key password allows you to enter the password for a private key file.