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Permissions Manager Items in 6530 Terminal\Document\Connection\Security\SSL

This group controls SSL/TLS settings in the Set Up Connection Security dialog box accessed from the Settings window in a 6530 session.

Item Name Sub-group UI Description
SSLClientCertificateEnabled Provide client certificate specifies to send the client certificate in the Client certificate file box to the host.
SSLClientCertificateFile Client certificate file specifies the client certificate filename and path.
SSLClientCertificatePassword Client certificate password allows you to enter the password for the client certificate.
SSLFTPSEnabled Use FTPS allows you to use FTPS to secure FTP sessions using the built-in FTP client.
SSLFTPSPort Port is the port number to use for FTPS sessions using the built-in FTP client.
SSLLogging SSL/TLS Logging specifies whether or not to do diagnostic logging of the session, and what level of logging should be done.
SSLServerAuthentication Server Authentication includes the following settings:

Check for valid CA signature checks the SSL/TLS Certificate to verify that it has a valid CA signature.

Certificate host name must match host being contacted specifies that the host name in the certificate matches the host name you are connecting to.

Perform CRL check checks the certificate against a Certificate Revocation List, and if the certificate has been revoked, the connection fails.