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Permissions Manager Items in 6530 Terminal\Document\Connection\TN6530Basic

This group controls settings in the Configure Connection Settings dialog box accessed from the Settings window in a 6530 session.

Item Name Sub-group UI Description
AlternateHostsEnabled Enable Alternate Hosts (Load Balancing)

Alternate hosts are used. Fields are displayed for entering host names and ports.
AutoConnect Automatically connect to the host

The session connects to the host as soon as it is opened.
AutoReconnect Automatically reconnect when connection is lost

If the session is lost for any reason, the session automatically reconnects.
Host Host name /IP address

The host name of IP address of the host you want to connect to.
LineModeSuppress Use Line Mode

Line mode is used. Uncheck if you wish to run in character mode. Line mode should always be used for connections to Guardian sessions on a NonStop host.
Port Port

The port number that the Telnet server listens on here. The default is the "well known" telnet port number 23.
Service Service

The service name (i.e. TACL or any other service that has been defined on this telnet server), or the name of a window that has been defined on this telnet server.