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Permissions Manager Items in 6530 Terminal\Document\Terminal\Configuration\6530

This group controls settings in the Configure Terminal Settings dialog box accessed from the Settings window in a 6530 session.

Item Name Sub-group UI Description
BellColumnDefault Bell column

The bell column number.
BellColumnEnabled Enable bell column

If Enable Beep is selected, the margin bell rings at the column specified in the Bell Column field.
BellVolume Enable beep

If selected, anything that causes a bell causes an audible alert. This includes receiving a bell character from the host, or a margin bell if it is enabled.
EnterFunctionKey Use enter key as a function key

Treats the Enter key as an extra function key in block mode.
EuroEnabled Host supports Euro symbol
FirmwareLevel Firmware revision

Specifies a three character string which identifies the firmware revision of the terminal being emulated.
Hllapild HLLAPI Short name

The HLLAPI short name of the session. Valid values are A to Z.
HllapiLongName HLLAPI Long name

The HLLAPI long name of the session.
HotSpotsEnabled Enable hot spots

Turns hot spot processing on and off.
Language Language

specifies the national character set used for communications with the Host computer.
LineDrawingSubstitution Enable line drawing character substitution

Replaces foreign characters with line drawing characters.
MaxPages Memory pages

Defines the number of scroll back pages that are available for data that has scrolled off the screen. Default value should be 12, and the maximum value is 400.
PFkeySupport Enable PF key support

Specifies whether or not the emulator supports PF keys.
TermId Terminal ID

Specifies the character used to identify the exact terminal type being emulated.
TypeAhead Enable type ahead

Specifies whether the emulator buffers keystrokes when the keyboard is locked, or when data is received from the NonStop.
UpshiftData Convert input to upper case

Specifies that all input typed in at the keyboard is forced to upper case, regardless of the state of the shift or caps lock keys.