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Permissions Manager Items in Application Access\Application Options

Application Options

Item Name Sub-group UI Description
ApplicationStartup Specifies which dialog box, if any, to display when Reflection starts.
ClearClipboardOnExit Any data that may have been copied to the Clipboard is cleared when the workspace is closed.
CustomHelpSystemURL The URL to use for Help.
DefaultSettingsLocalPath The path for the default directory in which session and other documents are saved.
ExitOnLastDocumentClose Automatically exits the workspace when the last document in the workspace is closed.
HelpSystem Specify whether to use the product Help as it appears on the Micro Focus Web site or the Help installed on your local machine.
HideBuiltInTemplates Display only user-defined templates from the Create New Document dialog box.
HLLAPILogFile Set the log file that HLLAPI traces are saved in.
HLLAPILogging Select to enable HLLAPI logging to the specified file.
Logging Send error information to the Windows logging service.
MacroSearchPath Change the default directory in which to save Extra! macros or legacy files, such as QuickPads.
OpenDocumentsInSameWorkspace Specify that when sessions are opened by double-clicking on session document files, the sessions all open in the same workspace.
OptimizeRemoteSession Turn off cursor blinking and disable the splash screen when running Reflection under Citrix or WTS. This setting is ignored if you are not running under Citrix or WTS;
PromptForDisconnect Prompt to confirm whether to disconnect a session when a session is disconnected manually or by closing the session or the workspace.
SaveSessionAsCompoundDocument Save a session in a file format that includes all configuration files (keyboard maps, etc) in a single file.
SessionShutdown Specify what you want done with any changed settings when you close a document.
StartupAction Set up an action (for example, a startup macro) that is performed when Reflection starts.
UsageDataEnabled Allow the product to gather and send information about how the software is used.