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Permissions Manager Items in Application Access\PCI DSS


Item Name Sub-group UI Description
APIsReadRedacted Allow programs or macros using the Reflection .NET and VBA APIs to read redacted data as clear text.
ConnectionToUseSecureProtocol Specify whether to require secure connections. Security can be required for all connections or for only wireless connections.
CopyUnredacted Allow users to copy redacted data from a screen in an IBM session to another screen in the same session or to a screen in another IBM session.
ExceptionRegularExpressions Define exception expressions that filter out false PAN detections. These only apply when the Reflection PAN detection method is used.
NeedRaiseEvent Specify whether API events occur when a user views a credit card Primary Account Number (PAN).
PrecedingKnownStrings Define a list of text keywords that precede PANs. These apply only when the Detect PANs based on preceding text method is selected.
RecognitionStyle Specify which type of PAN Detection to use.
RedactionRules Choose to redact data on the screen after it is entered or as it is typed.
RedactStyle Specify how many digits of the PAN to redact.
RegularExpressions Define additional detection rules with regular expressions. These only apply when the Reflection PAN detection method is used.
RetainRedactedDataFormatting Removes non-digit characters from a redacted string when it is pasted onto another screen.
StoreTypedPANs Determine whether or not PAN data are stored.