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Permissions Manager Items in Productivity\AutoComplete


Item Name Sub-group UI Description
AllScreenData Make suggestions based on all user data that has been entered into any field used during the session.
AutoCompleteOverwrite Overwrite only the data that exists where the Auto Complete suggestion is being placed. Other data in the field is not affected.
CaseSensitive Use case sensitivity for suggestions.
CompleteAndContinue If the Auto Complete suggestion pushes existing data past the end of the field, the additional data is added at the beginning of the next available field.
MaxSuggestions The maximum number of items you want Auto Complete to suggest for any word.
MaxWordLength The longest word on which to apply Auto Complete. Longer words are ignored.
MinimumMatch The number of characters typed before suggestions are made.
PersistData Auto Complete "remembers" the data entered during the current session, so that if the session is closed, and then reopened, suggestions will still be available.