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3270 Quick Keys

In 3270 terminal sessions, the following Quick Keys are available from the Ribbon.

Program Attention Keys

Setting Description
PA1 - PA3 Select to send a program attention key to the host.

Program Function Keys

Setting Description
PF1 - PF24 Select to send a program function key to the host.


Setting Description
Attention Select to send an Attention key to the host.
Enter Select to send an Enter key to the host.
Newline Select to move the cursor to the beginning of a new line.
Erase EOF Select to erase all characters, from the cursor to the end of the entry.
Reset Clear the Input Inhibited indicator and reset the Insert mode.
Clear Set buffer locations for the active partition to nulls and the Reply mode to the default, transmit the Clear Aid key to the host, and move the cursor position to the top left corner.