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Multi-hop (Secure Shell Settings)

Use multi-hop connections when you need to establish secure connections through a series of Secure Shell servers. This is useful if your network configuration doesn't allow direct access to a remote server, but does allow access via intermediate servers.

The options are:

Multi-hop Servers Display the servers in your multi-hop sequence. Reflection establishes a new SSH tunnel to the specified port on the remote server from the specified local port. Each connection on the list is sent through the tunnel established by the connection above it. You can change the list order using the arrow buttons.
Add () Add a new server to the list using the Configure Multi-hop Server dialog box.
Modify () Modify the selected server.
Delete () Delete the selected server.


  • The settings you configure in this dialog box are saved to the Secure Shell configuration file. You can also configure Secure Shell settings by editing this file manually in any text editor.
  • Within the configuration file, these settings are saved for the currently specified SSH configuration scheme.