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Firewall (Security Properties Dialog Box)


You will not see this section if your Micro Focus product does not include the Reflection FTP Client.

Use Firewall Enables connections through a firewall. You must select this check box before you can set other items.
Style The FTP Client sends different commands for logging onto a firewall and connecting to an FTP server based on the server style you specify.
Server name Specify the name of the firewall that you use to log onto an FTP server.
User name Specify a valid user name registered on the firewall server. For case-sensitive servers, you must use the appropriate case.

This setting is unavailable if Style is set to username@servername and the Password authentication check box is cleared.
Password authentication This setting is available when Style is set to username@servername. If your firewall is set up to authenticate the user prior to opening a connection to an FTP server, select this check box.

If you have selected a firewall style that requires authentication, this option is selected automatically and you cannot change it.
Save password If the check box is selected, the string entered in the Password box is saved as obfuscated text in your FTP settings file. Each character in the password will display as an asterisk (*) in user interface text boxes and in the FTP command window.

When this check box is cleared, the password is not saved, and you are prompted for a password each time an FTP server connection is opened using the firewall.