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Tabs Tab on Terminal Setup Dialog Box

How do I get to this dialog box?
  1. Open a VT terminal session.

    The steps depend on your user interface mode.

    User interface mode Steps
    Ribbon or InfoConnect Browser With a session open in InfoConnect, from the Quick Access Toolbar, click .
    TouchUX Tap the Gear icon and then select Document Settings.
  2. Under Terminal Configuration, click Configure Terminal Settings.

  3. Click Terminal Setup.

  4. Select the Tabs tab.

Tab Stops

Setting Description
Tab stops Use the mouse, cursor keys, or Spacebar to move the scroll bar to the desired column and click; a T appears on the ruler. Repeat the procedure until all tabs are set. If you're in 132-column mode, use the scroll bars to move beyond the 81st column to set a tab stop.
To clear a single tab stop, click the tab position with the mouse (each click of the mouse toggles between setting a tab stop and clearing it).
Clear All Click to clear all tabs set on the tab ruler. The left margin is always an implicit tab stop and is not affected by Clear All.
Set Every To set tab stops at equidistant positions, enter a number in the box and click Set Every.