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Session Documents and Related Files

New documents include default, built-in choices for configuration settings. These settings are saved in configuration files such as Ribbon, , keyboard map, and mouse map files. If you choose, you can create custom versions of these files to modify the appearance and capabilities of each session. If you choose a different built-in setting or create a custom setting, you must save the document to apply the new setting. Custom settings files are saved separately from the document.

Macro files are also saved as separate files external to the session document.


If you specify a custom file for a session, be sure to maintain the same file name and file path (relative to the session document file) when you deploy the files. If Reflection cannot find the custom file when it starts a session, it prompts to use a built-in file.


Always save documents and templates to a trusted location— Reflection won't open documents from nontrusted locations.

You can open saved documents in any of the user interfaces modes. When using the Classic UI, only one document can be open in a workspace, and other features may not be available.