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Configure Centralized Management Dialog Box

How do I get to this dialog box?
  1. Open the Workspace Settings dialog box.

    The steps depend on your user interface mode.

    User Interface Mode Steps
    Ribbon On the File menu or the Reflection button (if using the Office 2007 Look and Feel), choose Reflection Workspace Settings.
    Reflection Browser On the Reflection menu, choose Settings and then Reflection Workspace Settings.
    TouchUx Tap the Gear icon and then select Reflection Workspace Settings.
  2. Under Workspace Settings, select Configure Centralized Management.

If your administrator has provided you with access to a centralized management server, you can set up the workspace to access the sessions and configuration files that are managed on that server.


After you select to use centralized management, you may need to log on when you open the Reflection Workspace, using either your domain credentials or other credentials provided by your organization.

Centralized Management

Setting Description
Enable centralized management Allows the workspace to access and download session files and configuration files on a centralized management server.
Server URL Specifies the URL of the centralized management server that manages the sessions.
Test Connection Tests the connection for the centralized management server URL.


Setting Description
Require authentication When this option is selected, you are required to authenticate to a centralized management server to create or open Reflection session files, regardless of origin.
Note: If this setting is selected and you are unable to authenticate to the server (for example, the network to the server is down), you will not be able to open session files and connect to host systems.
When this option is unselected, you are not required to authenticate to the centralized management server to create or open Reflection session files. However, if the server is configured for authentication, you will still need to authenticate to the server to download centrally managed files.
Enable certificate management Allows the workspace to access and utilize certificates on a centralized management server.
Enable automated sign-on After you log on to the centralized management server with this option selected, you are automatically logged on to certain mainframe applications that are configured for automated sign-on when you connect to those applications.
Note: You do not need to select this option to use automated sign-on for session document files that are controlled and managed by the centralized management server.
To set up and configure mainframe applications for automated sign-on, see the Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Administrator Guide in the Host Access Management and Security Server Documentation.