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Settings Dialog Boxes

You can use the Search box from a dialog box to look for a word or part of a word in the various Reflection settings dialog boxes. At the top of the dialog box, search results that match your text, together with a navigation path, are displayed in a separate pane. Double-click an item to navigate to and highlight it in the identified settings dialog box.

This search finds only terminal session settings that are included in primary dialog boxes (those that have a Search box in the upper right-hand corner). It does not search settings in secondary dialog boxes (which include those dialog boxes associated with printer sessions, FTP client sessions, or file transfer). If you cannot find the setting for which you are looking with the settings search, use the index, or search the Help. The Help topic for the dialog box includes instructions for finding it in the product.

In some instances, the dialog box search may find settings that are functionally equivalent to the term you typed in the Search box. For example, if you enter DBCS in the Search box, the results will include the check box for Support double-byte character set.