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Tab Properties Dialog Box

How do I get to this dialog box?
  1. Open a session document.

  2. In the workspace, right-click the session document tab and choose Tab Properties.

Use this dialog box to add labels to tabbed documents saved with layouts. These labels appear on the tab in place of the actual filename when the document is viewed as part of a layout. This dialog box also provides a unique identifier for a document tab that you can reference in macros and scripts.

The location of the document tabs (top, bottom, left, or right) is selected on the Configure User Interface dialog box.


Tab properties are lost if you close the associated document without saving a layout. These properties are used on the document tab only in the saved layout.

Setting Description
Name Type a label to appear on the document tab in a saved layout. This text does not affect the filename of the document or the appearance of the tab when opening the document outside the layout.
Description Type information relevant to the document or its use in the layout.
API tab identifier Shows an alphanumeric identifier for the current instance of the tab. This number changes each time the document (tab) is opened. This read-only ID can be used to reference the tab through the API.
Document filename Shows the full name, including the path, of the saved document file. The name of the document also appears in the title bar of the workspace. This value cannot be edited.

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