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Brandon Systems/Jolly Giant QWS 3270 Macros

Reflection supports QWS (.jgs) macros that run against IBM 3270 terminal sessions.


To run a QWS macro, the Brandon Systems/Jolly Giant QWS 3270 QWS compatibility feature must be installed. This feature is available on the Reflection Setup tool Features tab, under 3270/5250 | Compatibility.

To run a QWS macro

  1. Open the Run Macro dialog box. The steps depend on your user interface mode.

    User Interface Mode Steps
    Reflection Ribbon On the Macros tab, from the Advanced group, click Run Macro.
    Reflection Browser On the Reflection menu, choose Tools, Macro and then Run Macro.
    TouchUx Tap the Wrench icon and then under Macro, select Show Run Macro Dialog.
  2. In the Run Macro dialog box, click QWS Macro.

  3. Browse to select a macro file, and then click Open.