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FTP Log In Dialog Box

This dialog box opens when you have logged on to an FTP server without specifying a user name or password.

Setting Description
Enter Host (or System) Name or IP Address Type the name or IP address of the FTP server to log on to.
User name Enter your user name as it is registered on the FTP server. If you are logging in for the first time, try to log in as Guest, or log in by selecting the Anonymous check box.
Password Enter the password the FTP server associates with the user name. When a password is expected and the Anonymous check box is selected, the password appears in plain text, instead of asterisks (*), as you type it. If no password is expected, click OK to continue.
For added security, the number of asterisks that show do *NOT match the number of characters in your password.
Often, FTP servers expect an e-mail address as a password when you log in as an Anonymous user.
Anonymous Log on to the FTP server as a guest, with the user name anonymous.