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VT File Transfer

You can transfer files in Reflection using the File Transfer command from the Transfer group on the Session ribbon. You can transfer any type of file to and from a host computer. Use Reflection to transfer files between your PC and an HP 3000 (including Classic, MPE/iX, and POSIX), VMS (including OpenVMS and Alpha computers), ULTRIX, Unisys, Linux Console or UNIX system. Or, transfer files to any host or electronic service that supports the FTP, Zmodem, Xmodem, Kermit, or SuperKermit protocols.

Reflection includes its own proprietary protocol, called the WRQ/Reflection protocol. Before you can transfer a file for the first time, your administrator must upload the host file transfer program. Host programs are provided for HP 3000, VAX/VMS (DEC), AXP machines, and UNIX operating systems. A system administrator may have already uploaded the host program; if so, you can skip this step.

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