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Set Up Safeguards Dialog Box

How do I get to this dialog box?
  1. Open a VT terminal session.

  2. Open the Settings window.

    The steps depend on your user interface mode.

    User Interface Mode Steps
    Ribbon or Reflection Browser With a session open in Reflection, from the Quick Access Toolbar, click .
    TouchUx Tap the Gear icon and then select Document Settings.
  3. Under Terminal Configuration, select Set Up Safeguards.


Setting Description
Clear display and scrollback buffer when disconnected Delete all data from display memory when a session is disconnected from the host.
Save Secure Shell user name Clear this option to prevent the user name you provide for this host session from being saved into the settings file, or recorded in a macro.
Cache Secure Shell user name Select to temporarily store the user name entered for a Secure Shell session until the Reflection workspace is closed. (When this option is selected, users are not prompted for a user name when they reconnect unless they reopen the workspace. When it is unselected, the user name is cleared from memory immediately after a successful connection and users are prompted for a user name when they reconnect.)

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