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Transfer Link Options

Transfer link options can be set on the WRQ tab when configuring file transfer settings. In some environments, the default setting of 8-bit will not work, so you may need to use one of the slower methods that convert non-printable ASCII characters to printable (and more reliably transferred) ASCII characters


Some host environments require translation of a wider variety of non-printable ASCII characters than those that are converted by the 8-Bit option. If you have trouble with file transfers using Reflection and an intermediary system exists between your PC and the host computer (such as a gateway or router), using the 7-Bit option may solve the problem.

When 7-Bit is selected, each data character, including binary data, is examined and, if necessary, modified to ensure that it is a non-control (printable) ASCII character. This data modification is reversed by the recipient (the host computer or PC), so that the data being transferred is not affected. Each packet starts with an opening parenthesis — "(" — and ends with a closing parenthesis — ")".


This value provides the fastest file transfers, because it converts only a small number of non-printable ASCII characters during a transfer. The following characters are translated:

Description Character Hex Value
Start of text ^B 02
End of text ^C 03
Carriage return ^M 0D
XON ^Q 11
XOFF ^S 13
End of medium ^Y 19
Number sign # 23
Ampersand & 26

UNIX file transfer translates the following additional characters:

Description Character Hex Value
Substitute ^Z 1A
Null ^@ 00
Linefeed ^J 0A
Decimal 17 ^Q 11
Decimal 19 ^S 13
Decimal 128 80
Decimal 255 FF

If you need additional character translation beyond the default set of characters that is translated, select a different value from the Transfer link list.

Setting the Transfer link value to 8-Bit requires an 8-bit data path. However, if you change Parity (in Document Settings, under Configure Connection Settings, click the More Settings button) to a value other than 8/None, you no longer have an 8-bit data path and a Transfer link of 8-Bit is ignored. All characters except those for the start and end of frame are converted.

User Defined

Some intermediate devices or drivers filter out a wider variety of non-printable ASCII characters than the default set of characters that are converted by the 8-Bit option; this also applies to certain host applications and network environments.

If you create a macro for transfer presentation or start and end of frame characters using the command WRQExtraCharacters, and the properties you use do not correspond to the values for 8-Bit or 7-Bit, the Transfer link value automatically changes to User Defined.

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