2.2 Cloning a Client Definition

You can clone any existing client definition to create a duplicate copy. By cloning a definition, you create a new definition with the same settings and preserve the original definition to use as a reference.

To create and edit a new client definition by cloning an existing definition

  1. Right-click an existing client definition and select Clone Client.

  2. Edit the cloned definition. Changes are saved automatically as you work. For example:

    • If you used one of the sample definitions, add information for Host name and User name so you won't be prompted each time you connect.

    • Change the value of Host type. This changes the list of sample commands available to you.

    • Edit the Command to start a different X client application. Use the drop-down arrow to view sample commands that typically work for the host type you selected.

    • Select Automatically start client to start this client each time you start Reflection X Advantage.