6.5.2 Start and Stop the Reflection X Service

The Reflection X Service (RXS) starts automatically when you install it, and when the computer reboots. However, you may need to stop or restart the service as part of a troubleshooting procedure.

NOTE:If X Manager for Domains or the Administrative Console is open, you should log off before you stop or restart the Reflection X Advantage service.

To start, stop, or restart the Reflection X Service




Open the Windows Services Management Console. (From Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools > Services.) Select Micro Focus Reflection X Service to start, stop, or restart the service.


You can start, stop, or restart the service from the command line via the init.d system using the rxs command. For example:

/etc/init.d/rxs start

/etc/init.d/rxs stop

/etc/init.d/rxs restart

The path to init.d depends on your operating system:



Default: /etc/init.d

Red Hat: /etc/rc.d/init.d