4.1.1 Start X Manager

Reflection X Advantage can be operated in either Standalone This feature is available from the X Manager application, which operates Reflection X Advantage in Standalone mode. If you use the X Manager for Domains application, you are operating in Domain mode and this feature is not available. or Domain This feature is available from X Manager for Domains and the Administrative Console — the applications that are used to operate Reflection X Advantage in Domain mode. mode; and you can start X Manager in either mode from the graphical user interface (GUI) or the command line.

When starting X Manager in Domain mode, users must log on to the domain, providing the proper credentials for the authentication method used by the domain.


  • The default Reflection X Advantage authentication method depends on the operating system of the computer on which the domain controller is installed. The domain administrator can change defaults and set up authentication from the Administrative Console.

  • Reflection X Advantage migrates settings from Legacy Reflection X and from Hummingbird Exceed products. The first time you start X Manager or X Manager for Domains, your local settings are migrated automatically, and you are prompted to import the settings. If you choose not to import the settings, you can use Reflection X Advantage to import them later.