4.1.6 Stop a Session

While a session is running, you see a running session entry under the session definition in the left pane. This entry shows the joined session icon, , and the name of the host on which the session is running.

To configure a session to stop automatically when the last client application exits

  • In the Session Definition pane, on the General tab, set On last client to Stop Session.

To stop sessions automatically when you exit X Manager

By default, you see a prompt when you close X Manager with one or more session running. Make this change to stop sessions without the prompt:

  1. Go to File> Preferences

  2. Set On exiting X Manager to Stop all sessions.

To stop a session manually

Use either of these methods to stop a session manually. This stops all clients running on this session.

  • Select the running session, then in the toolbar click the stop button .

  • Right click the running session and click Stop.