10.10 Key Mapping Problems

Pressing Backspace doesn't produce expected behavior

The recommended way to modify the behavior of the Backspace key is to configure the Backspace sends setting on the Keyboard tab for each session definition. (Note that this change is saved to your session definition, not to a keyboard map.) If you also apply a custom keyboard map to your session definition, do not change the mapping of the Backspace key in that map, as any changes you make in your custom map may override your Backspace sends setting preference.

Functionality in the Keyboard Maps dialog box is disabled

The default keyboard map is not editable. In the Keyboard Maps dialog box, Click Clone to create a new editable keyboard map, or use Select Keyboard Map to select a keyboard map that you have already created.

Custom Keyboard Map settings are not taking effect

Select the session definition used by your client, and click the Keyboard tab. Check to see if Keyboard Map is set to use your modified keyboard map.