Mouse tab

The options are:

Mouse wheel scroll

Use this option to change the mouse wheel scroll mapping or disable the scroll wheel.

Enable middle button emulation

Gives your two-button mouse the ability to act as a mouse with three buttons. Pressing the left and right buttons simultaneously acts as if middle button was pressed.

Middle button detection speed Adjusts the maximum amount of time Reflection X Advantage waits for a second button to be pressed. Detection speed is 1 - 1000 milliseconds.

Movement limit When you move the cursor past this distance (measured in pixels), Reflection X Advantage responds immediately to the currently pressed button.

Test area Use the Test area to click right, left, and simultaneous left and right buttons to confirm mouse behavior and speed.

Consolidate mouse clicks

Improves detection of multi-click operations (double-click or triple-click) in environments where detection of these operations is not always reliable. This is particularly useful for virtual environments such as Citrix.

When this feature is enabled, mouse click events are collected for the specified Consolidation interval and then processed after this time has elapsed.


Consolidation interval (ms) The configurable time interval used to collect mouse click events when the Consolidate mouse clicks feature is enabled. Adjust this interval as needed to ensure multi-click operations are correctly captured without adding unnecessary delay to normal mouse-clicks.