Font Collections

Reflection X Advantage provides default font collections that include fonts commonly required by X client applications.

Use these options to create an additional font file collection (load a directory of font files into a new font collection), or font server collection (add a font collection that is a reference to a font server).

Font Collections

Lists the available font collections.

Collection name

Defines the name of a font collection as it appears in the Font Collections list.

Catalog name

Defines a name that client applications can use to reference the font collection. A client can use the following format to refer to the catalog name in its font path:

rx/ catalogName

For example:


Alternate paths

Associates font directory paths with the font collection to handle clients that use explicit directories in their font paths. Reflection X Advantage uses these paths as an alias for the catalog name. (This option is shown only for font file collections.)

Add alternate paths in a comma separated list.

Linux style example:

Windows style example:

C:/Program Files/Micro Focus/Reflection/x/fonts/75dpi,cC:/Program Files/Micro Focus/Reflection/x/fonts/100dpi,cC:/Program Files/Micro Focus/Reflection/x/fonts/misc

Font count

The number of font files in a font collection. Each file includes the definition for a specific font. (This option is shown only for font file collections.)

Load Fonts

Opens the Select Font Directory dialog box, from which you can select the font directory where your font files are located. (This option is shown only for font file collections.)

Font server

Defines the fully qualified network address of the X font server for this collection.

This option is visible only after you have added a font collection that is a reference to a font server (click +) and you have selected the font server.

Use the following format to specify the font server:


  • If no transport is specified, tcp (the default) is assumed.

  • If no port is specified, 7100 (the default) is assumed.

The following URL specifies to connect to the font server on the computer wilson: