3.4 Make an XDMCP Connection Using the Sample Definitions

Reflection X Advantage installs several Sample Definitions by default. In many cases you can get connected without making any changes to these sample settings, then use the sample as a model for making additional connections. This procedure makes an XDMCP connection using the sample 'Direct connection' definition.

NOTE:XDMCP must be enabled on your Linux host.

To connect using the sample XDMCP connection

  1. Start X Manager or X Manager for Domains.

  2. Under XDMCP Connections on the left, locate the sample definition called "Direct connection" and connect using any of these methods:

    • Double-click the definition name.

    • Select the definition, then in the toolbar click .

    • Right-click the definition name and click Start.

  3. Enter your host name in reply to the prompt.

    If the connection is successful, an X terminal desktop window opens showing your host login screen.

  4. Enter your login credentials for the host.

You can clone the sample “Direct connection” XDMCP definition to create a duplicate copy. By cloning a definition, you create a new definition with the same settings and preserve the original definition to use as a reference. To clone the definition:

  • Right-click the client definition and select Clone XDMCP connection.

You can edit the cloned definition. Changes are saved automatically as you work. For example:

  • Use Name to specify a descriptive name for your connection.

  • Enter a value for Host name to connect to the same host each time. Or, change Type to Broadcast to see a list of available hosts based on a broadcast sent to the address (or addresses) you configure.


If “Direct connection” isn't listed under XDMCP Connections:

  • When you upgrade from a previous version of Reflection X Advantage, no changes are made to your existing settings. This means that after an upgrade, the sample definitions are not imported, even if the correct template is installed. You can use the File > Import command to manually import the template called generic_templates.rxd.

If you 're unable to make a connection using the “Direct connection” definition:

  • If you see a message saying Unknown host: <hostname>, the host name you specified isn't reachable. Check your entry or try specifying a host IP address instead of using the host name.

  • If the X terminal desktop window opens and is followed by an XDMCP timeout message, XDMCP may not be configured on the host. On some networks, you can see a list of hosts that support XDMCP by changing Type to Broadcast. Or, try configuring a desktop connection using an X Client command rather than using XDMCP.

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