Import a Definition

You can import definitions from an .rxd definition file into your active product database (the local database when using the standalone X Manager, or the domain database when using X Manager for Domains).

To import definitions

  1. From X Manager, click File> Import.

  2. From the Select Definition File dialog box, locate and open an .rxd definition file.

  3. The Import Definitions dialog box appears.

  4. Under Available Definitions on the left, select the definitions you want to import.

    The definitions that you select are added to the Definitions Pending Import list on the right.

  5. To ensure that related definitions stay together when transferred, select Automatically include referenced definitions.

    When this option is enabled and you select an available definition that references other definitions, all of the related definitions are added to the Definitions Pending Import list. For example, if you select a client definition for import, the session definition used by that client is also added to the Import list — provided the referenced definition is present in the .rxd file. This feature is particularly helpful if your sessions reference custom fonts, keyboards, or color schemes.

  6. To remove session or client definitions from the data base that have the same names as those in the file you are importing, select Delete duplicate x client definitions or Delete duplicate session definitions.

  7. Click Import.

    All definitions on the Definitions Pending Import list are imported.

    NOTE:If a conflict is detected, the Import Conflicts Found dialog box appears. In this case, choose Resolutionoptions to resolve each definition conflict that is presented. After all conflicts have been addressed, the pending import definitions will be processed based on your selections.

NOTE:In domain mode, when you import settings, they are available for your use as private settings definitions. If you are a domain administrator, you can use the Administrative Console to make your imported private definitions public. Public definitions are visible and usable by all users in the domain.