6.5.5 Remove a Domain Node

Use the rxsconfig command line utility to remove a node from a domain.

To remove a domain node

  1. Log onto the computer that is currently configured to be a Reflection X Advantage domain node using and administrator (or root) account.

  2. Open a Command Prompt window (Windows) or terminal window (Linux).

    NOTE:For newer Windows systems (starting with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008), you need to open the command window as an administrator. (In the Start menu, under Accessories, right-click Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator).

  3. Run the following command, where "domainname" is the name of the computer running the domain controller.

    rxsconfig leave domainname

    Note: On Linux systems, include full path information for rxsconfig. The default install location is shown here:

    /opt/rxadvantage/rxsconfig leave domainname
  4. You'll be prompted for administrator credentials for the domain. Enter the user name and password of the Reflection X Advantage domain administrator. You'll see a message saying that node was successfully deleted.

NOTE:You can remove a domain node from the list under Registered Nodes in the Domain Composition tab of the X Administrative Console. If you do this, the node is no longer available to computers in your domain, but this change does not affect the configuration of the domain node. On that computer, the Reflection X service continues to run and listen on the port specified when the domain node was created. Using rxsconfig stops the listening process.

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