Logging tab

Reflection X Advantage automatically creates Log Files. By default, with none of the logging options selected, these files include the following information:

  • Errors: Serious problems typically caused by unexpected exceptions.

  • Warnings: Unexpected but recoverable problems, typically caused by poor client protocol (for example, unmatched UngrabServer requests).

  • Info: General information about major events in the session life cycle.

You can choose to add additional types of data to this log file by enabling the options below.

The options are:

Log session activity

Adds session activity to the log file. Session activity includes information about when sessions are started, joined, left, or reset and when clients are started or shut down.

Log font activity

Records each font request in the log file, indicating whether it was satisfied and with which font.

When you start an X client, the font used is controlled by settings you specify (for example, by choosing the font for text on the command line in your xterm window), or internally by the X client. When a client attempts to find a font, Reflection X searches each font collection for the font name supplied by the client.

If you are receiving font-related errors, select the Log font activity option, repeat the steps that caused the error, and then review the log file.

Log X protocol errors

Adds X protocol error data to the log file. This includes server errors and warnings that occur while running Reflection X Advantage.

Log network activity

Adds X client connect and disconnect events to the log file. If the disconnect is considered "not clean," the reason for the disconnect is also added to the log file.

Log keyboard activity

Adds keyboard activity to the log file. This includes Java KeyPress/KeyRelease/KeyTyped events that occur during a session.

Log XIM activity

Adds XIM activity data to the log file.

Log SSH debug output

Adds SSH (Secure Shell) protocol messages to the log file.

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