2.3 Install on Linux

When installing Reflection X Advantage on Linux systems, the features you select will likely depend on whether you are setting up Reflection X for Standalone or Domain mode operation. For a complete list of features available in domain and standalone modes, see Operating Modes: Domain vs. Standalone. For more information, see:

NOTE:The Linux installer does not include the emulators and FTP Client, which are only available when you install on Windows.

To install Reflection X Advantage on Linux systems

  1. Download the Linux installation package from the download site to your Linux machine.

  2. Unzip the download file. For example:

    unzip reflection-x-17.n.nnnn-prod-linux.zip

    This download file contains an installation file (*.sh) and a license file (*.txt).

  3. As the root user, start the installation program. For example:

  4. Select the features you want to install. (By default, no features are selected.)

    NOTE:The installer supports silent installs. See Using a Response File to Install on Linux Systems.

Installation log file

The installation log is found in /opt/rxadvantage/Reflection_X_InstallLog.log.