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Reflection X Administrative Guide

This guide shows how to configure and deploy Reflection X. It includes the following information:

  • Domain Administration discusses domain features and how they work.

  • Setting up Domain Components shows how to set up the domain controller, start and stop the Reflection X service, set up administrator and user workstations, set up and remove domain nodes, and manage session persistence and performance.

  • Domain Authentication shows how to control and configure domain access.

  • Sample Domain Configurations shows how to set up domains that offer solutions to common problems.

  • X Administrative Console shows how to use the X Administrative Console to manage domain authentication, centrally manage sessions, manage domain nodes, and domain security settings.

  • Customizing and Deploying Reflection X discusses options for customizing and distributing Reflection X software and centrally managing Reflection X sessions.

  • Administrator Reference includes information such as data files, ports, upgrading, and command line utilities.

  • Troubleshooting includes information about tools and tips to help you pinpoint problems you may encounter

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