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From Domain Composition tab

Option Description
Delete Domain Node Delete the selected domain node from the list under Registered Nodes.
Note: Using this command removes the node from the list in the Administrative Console, but this change does not affect the configuration on the domain node itself. See Remove a Domain Node for information about how to use rxsconfig to stop the listening process on the domain node.

From Domain Status tab

Option Description
Backward, Forward Move between previously viewed selections on the Domain Status tab.
Stop Session Stop the selected session.

From Domain Definitions tab

Option Description
New Creates a new definition. This is equivalent to using clicking the plus sign next to a definition type.
Clone Copies the selected definition. If you copy a read-only (public) definition, you will be able to edit the copy.
Delete Removes the selected definition. This is equivalent to clicking the minus sign with a definition selected.
Move Up, Move Down Moves the selected item in the definitions list.
Note: You can also move items using drag-and-drop.
Import Color Scheme Opens the Import Color Scheme dialog box, from which you can import an existing RGB color text file to create a new color scheme.
Import Host Key Opens the Import Host Key dialog box, from which you can import the public key of a host's public/private key pair and add it to the Trusted Host Keys list.
Make Public Makes the selected domain definition available to all domain users. A public definition is read-write for the owner (the creator of the definition) and read-only for all other users.

From Authentication tab

Option Description
New User Creates a new user in the domain.
Delete User Deletes the selected user from the domain.
Change User's Password Changes the Reflection X domain password for the selected user.
Note: This option is available only when Reflection X domain authentication is set to Internal.
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