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Administrative Console Menus

File Menu

The File menu provides options for logging on and off, and configuring logon and status message preferences and passwords. It also provides access to the Definition Trashcan, with options to restore or permanently discard the deleted items that are stored there.

Go Menu

The Go menu provides options to move among the four administrative tabs in the console: Domain Composition, Domain Status, Domain Definitions, and Authentication.

Action Menu

The Action menu provides options for performing different tasks related to managing the group of domain features available from the currently active side tab.

Help Menu

Using the commands from this menu, you can configure your view of the online Help and reach additional Help resources.

The options are:

Option Description
Help Topics Access the online Help system.
Show Help Tips Select to display Help tips when hovering over items with the mouse.
Micro Focus Support Site Visit the Micro Focus Support Web site for the most recent technical information on Reflection X.
Contact Support Display contact information for Micro Focus Support.
About Administrative Console View licensing and copyright information about Reflection X.
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