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Preferences Dialog Box in Administrative Console

How do I get to this dialog box?
  • From the File menu, select Preferences.

Preferences Options

Option Description
Empty trash at log off/exit Permanently deletes all items in the trash can when you log off of the domain (domain mode), or exit the application (standalone mode).
Automatically hide successful tasks When enabled, messages about successfully completed tasks are automatically removed from the Task Status pane, located at the bottom of X Manager and the Administrative Console. Use Hide delay (secs) to specify the number of seconds that pass before a task message is removed.
Note: Tasks with errors are not removed.
Preferred language Specify the preferred language for the user interface. This setting takes effect when you restart the program.
When displaying Help By default help content is provided from the web. If you want help calls to go to locally installed files instead, download and run the optional local help installer, and change this setting to Use installed help system. If either local or web help is not available, Reflection X will automatically attempt to use the other option.
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