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Reflection X Data Files

Reflection X stores settings in a database file. Settings are saved automatically while you work. Administrators are not required to perform any direct maintenance for this database. However, it may be appropriate to include this file in your site's general backup or archiving procedures. Backup procedures should include both the database folder (db) and the configuration folder (conf). The location of these folders depends on your operating system, whether you run the in standalone or domain mode, and which version you first installed.

Standalone X Manager Database files

The database files for the standalone X Manager are stored in the following user-specific location:

  • On Windows systems:
    The database is located in the user's personal Documents folder:

    %UserProfile%\Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection\db\<version>

    For example:

    C:\Users\Username\Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection\db\<version>

  • On Linux systems:
    The database is in the user's home folder:


Domain database files

The database files for a Reflection X domain are located on the computer that is running the domain controller in the following location:

  • On Windows systems:
    The domain database is located in the Windows All Users Profile folder. The default location depends your version of Windows. For example:



    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\.microfocus\rx\db\<version>

  • On Linux systems:
    The domain database is in the following location:


Reflection X Service configuration files

The following domain mode configuration files are used by the Reflection X Service and stored in the conf directory. On Windows systems, conf is located in the Windows All Users profile folder (%AllUsersProfile%\.microfocus\rx\conf). On Linux, conf is a subdirectory of the product installation directory.


Do not edit these files manually.

domains.xml Configuration for domain controller. This file is created when you install the Domain Controller feature.
domain-nodes.xml Configuration for domain nodes. This file is created and maintained using the rxsconfig command line utility.
host-nodes.xml Configuration for the Remote Session Services feature. This file is created when you install the Remote Session Services feature.

The conf folder also stores private keys and certificates that are used for authenticating distributed session components.

Data location information for upgrading users

Reflection X stores user data (including database files for the standalone X Manager and user log files) in a different location than that used prior to version 5.1. The data location used for the domain database has not changed.

If you install without uninstalling your prior version, Reflection X continues to use your existing data files in their original location.

If you uninstall an earlier version (prior to 5.1) before installing, the new installation uses new default settings in the new location. To restore your customized settings, you can manually copy your prior version data to the new location as follows:

  1. Locate your data files:

    Windows: %UserProfile%\.attachmate\rx\

    Linux: $HOME/.attachmate/rx

  2. Copy each of the subdirectories under rx to the new location:

    Windows: %UserProfile%\Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection\


    This Windows folder is used by other Micro Focus applications. Do not overwrite or delete other content in this folder.

    Linux: $HOME/.microfocus/reflection/


    The user data location is specified in a file called located in the Reflection X program folder. To confirm the location currently in use you can view the contents of this file. Do not edit this file; its contents are overwritten each time you apply a hotfix or upgrade.

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