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Socks Proxy Tab in Advanced Secure Shell Settings

How do I get to this dialog box?

From the Administrative Console and X Manager

  1. (Administrative Console only) Click the Domain Definitions tab.

  2. Under X Clients on the left, select a client definition.

  3. Set Connection Method to Secure Shell.

  4. Click the Advanced button.

  5. Click the Socks Proxy tab.

SOCKS proxy support is available for Secure Shell Connections on a per client basis.

Option Description
<No SOCKS Proxy> When <No SOCKS Proxy> is selected, SOCKS is not enabled. (This is the default.) To enable SOCKS for this X client definition, select an available proxy from the list.
Configure Opens the SOCKS Proxies dialog box, which you can use to add new proxy servers to the list of available proxies, or modify the settings of existing proxies.
Restore Defaults Restores the default <No SOCKS Proxy> setting for this client connection. This button has no effect on the list of configured proxies.

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