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X Client Commands for Macro Reference

You can use the macros listed below to provide information in a host command.


The Command field in the Client Definition pane includes a drop-down list that shows sample commands that demonstrate the use of macros. The sample commands change when you change the Host type to show examples that typically work with the selected host type.

Macro Expands to
%IP% IP address of the display.
%IP#% IP address and display number.
%#% Display number only. Using the display number alone (without either IP or HN) is not supported for Secure Shell connections with X11 forwarding enabled (the default).
%HN% Host name of the display.
%HN#% Host name and display number.
%T% The client definition name as specified on the Client Definition pane in the Name field.
%USER% User name on the client host.
%PASSWORD% User password on the client host. Not supported for Secure Shell connections.
%C% This option is supported when user-based authorization is enabled. It is typically used to configure the xauth command that places an MIT cookie in the user's .XAuthority file. It expands to the authorization protocol name and hex encoded authorization data (example: MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 c48da9bfcd34ed8050e4d3910bf1675e).

Specifying a screen number

To specify a screen number, add the screen number to the %IP#% macro. For example, %IP#2% for screen 2. The following command line configures an xterm display on screen 2.

/usr/bin/X11/xterm -display %IP#2%

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