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Import Color Scheme Dialog Box in X Manager

How do I get to this dialog box?

From the Administrative Console

  1. Select the Domain Definitions tab.

  2. Click Action > Import Color Scheme.

From X Manager

  1. Click Tools > Color Schemes.

  2. From the Color Schemes dialog box, click Import.

You can import RGB text files that define color schemes.

The options are:

Scheme name

The name for the scheme you are importing. (This name is added to the Color Scheme list.)

RGB File

An RGB text file. The format for an RGB text file consists of a series of rows that define red, green, and blue (RGB) values for color names. Each row has three decimal values that define red, green, and blue values, followed by a string that defines the color name; for example:

RGB Values Color
255 250 250 snow
248 248 255 ghost white
248 248 255 GhostWhite
245 245 245 white smoke
245 245 245 WhiteSmoke
220 220 220 gainsboro
255 250 240 floral white
255 250 240 FloralWhite
253 245 230 old lace

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