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Set Up LDAP Authentication

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) offers a generic way of authenticating users and can be used with a number of Directory Servers that support LDAP. The configuration of LDAP authentication allows it to be used with different LDAP servers that have non-standard schema.

Before you begin

  • Add the computers that you have designated as domain components to the domain and configure the components.


Do not log off the domain without defining an administrative account. Without an administrative account, you cannot log on to the Administrative Console to manage your domain. (If you do find yourself locked out of your domain, a recovery option is available.)

To set up LDAP authentication

  1. On the computer on which the Reflection X Administrative Console is installed, use the Administrative Console to log on to the domain.

  2. From the Authentication tab, in the Authentication system list, select LDAP and then click Configure.

  3. From the LDAP Configuration dialog box, enter the configuration data for your LDAP server.

  4. After you change authentication methods, make sure the domain has an administrative account and password that you can use to log on to the domain.

  5. Click Test Authentication to make sure the account is valid.

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