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Color Schemes in Administrative Console

How do I get to this dialog box?

From the Administrative Console

  1. Click the Domain Definitions tab.

  2. From the left pane, under Color Schemes, select a scheme or click the plus sign ( + ) to add a new definition.

    The right pane displays details about the selected color scheme definition.

In the left pane, under Color Schemes is a list of all the color schemes you have created or imported, and all public schemes created by the administrator(s).

For many client applications, you can use the default color scheme provided by Reflection X. However, if a client application requires specific color names that are not defined in the default color scheme, you will need to define a custom color scheme. You can also specify a custom color scheme to control the look-and-feel of the application.

Available Color Schemes

Option Description
Color Schemes Lists your color schemes, including the default color scheme, all public color schemes, and any schemes that you own (schemes that you have imported or cloned). Color schemes translate string color names requested by clients into red, green, blue (RGB) values. If a client requests colors by name, the color scheme determines which colors are displayed by the X server. By changing the color scheme, you can change the displayed colors.
Note: Not all X clients request colors by name — many clients request colors by RGB value or other methods, instead of specifying a color name. Changing the color scheme changes the colors the X server displays only when clients request colors by name. If you change a color scheme that is in use by a running session, the changes do not affect the session until it is restarted.
+and – controls Import or remove color schemes.
Note: You can not remove public schemes that are owned by other administrators.
Arrow controls Move the selected item higher or lower in the list.

Use options on the Action menu to manage color schemes for the domain:

Option Description
Clone Copy the current color scheme. In X Manager for Domains, if you copy a public definition that is read-only, you can edit the copy.
Import Color Scheme Opens the Import Color Scheme dialog box, from which you can import an existing RGB color text file to create a new color scheme.
Make Public Makes the color scheme available to anyone logged on to this domain. The scheme can be modified only by its owner.

Color Scheme pane

When you select a color scheme, color details associated with that scheme are displayed on the right. Use the options from the Color Scheme pane to view, edit, or remove colors in a scheme, or to create new colors for a scheme:

Option Description
Scheme name The name of the color scheme definition. Use the one provided, or enter your own.
Colors in scheme Displays the entries in the RGB color scheme in a two-column table. The first column shows how the color appears on your display; the second shows the name of the color.
Note: Many of the colors have two names: a single name with mixed case (for example, ForestGreen), and another in all lowercase (for example, forest green). Both names are included because X clients might request the color by either name.
+and – controls Add or remove colors from the scheme.
Color column sorts by Specify the way you want the Color column to sort: by hue (the default), saturation, or brightness.
HSB Displays hue, saturation, and brightness (HSB) values for the color selected in the Color column. Use the slider on the HSB tab to change the HSB values of the selected color.
Note: The HSB slider is not displayed for default color schemes because these schemes cannot be modified.
RGB Displays the red, green, and blue (RGB) values for the color selected in the Color column. Use the sliders on the RGB tab to change the RGB values of the selected color.
Note: The RGB slider is not displayed for default color schemes because these schemes cannot be modified.
Preview Shows how the color selected in the Color column will appear.

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