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Joining an Offered Session

In the preceding exercise, your sample user offered you a shared session. Here's how to view this session.

To join an offered session

  1. From Computer 1, launch Reflection X Manager for Domains and log into your domain using your administrator's credentials.

  2. Under Offered Sessions, find the running session that was shared from the user's computer. (It's identified using the computer name of the user's workstation.) Right-click the offered session and select Join.

  3. A new session window opens. As the second user, you can now view everything in the first user's session.

Taking Control of a Session

As long as the session owner adds a user to a session with Allow users to take control of session selected, all the user has to do to take control of a session is right-click the session name under Offered Sessions, and select Take Control.

The session owner, or any other allowed user, can regain control by doing the same thing: right-click the session name, and then select Take Control.

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