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Enabling Extra Session Protection

The previous exercise demonstrated one way to suspend a session and rejoin it from another computer. The configuration in that exercise requires that your work computer remain running because the domain node is running on this computer. You can configure Reflection X to provide an even higher level of session protection that enables you to return to your session even if the computer you're working on loses network connectivity or shuts down unexpectedly.

To provide this level of session protection, Reflection X maintains your session on a remote domain node. The remote node can be a Windows or UNIX system. To configure a remote domain node, run the Reflection X installer on the remote system and select the feature called Domain Services (without including the Domain Controller feature). Once you've installed this feature, you can use the rxsconfig command line utility to create a domain node on this computer.

When a remote domain node is available, you can select the option under Remote session services called Session suspend/resume; High-latency network performance; Network fault tolerance.

With this option, if you close X Manager for Domains while the session is running, you'll see the following prompt:

If you choose Leave, the session remains active on the remote node even if you shut down this computer. You'll be able to join it again when you start X Manager for Domains from any computer with access to this Reflection X domain.

If your session is configured with Network fault tolerance, and your computer shuts down unexpectedly—so you don't have an opportunity to respond to the Confirm Exit prompt—the session remains active as long as the computer running the remote domain node has not shut down.

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