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Setting up a Domain Node

To configure a domain node, you need to install the feature called Domain Services. For this evaluation, you will create a node on Computer 1, which already has this feature installed. When you plan your actual domain, you can create nodes on any supported system, including the UNIX hosts that run your X clients.

To configure a domain node

  1. From Computer 1 (the computer on which you installed all features) open a Windows Command Prompt.


    On Windows systems, you need to specify that you want to run the command prompt as an administrator. (This step is required even if you are already logged in as an administrator.) To do this, right-click the Command Prompt shortcut in the Start menu, and select Run as administrator.

  2. Enter the following command, where "domainname" is the name of the computer running the domain controller (Computer 1).

    rxsconfig join domainname
  3. You'll be prompted for Administrator credentials. Enter the user name and password of the Reflection X domain administrator. You'll see a message indicating the node was successfully created, as shown in this example:

    C:\>rxsconfig join domainname
    Initializing crypto library...
    Performing the join...
    Administrative user for domain: joe
    Created node for domain domainname.
  4. On Computer 1, start the X Administrative Console and log on using your domain administrator credentials.

  5. Click the Domain Composition side tab.

    You should see the node you just created listed under Registered Nodes.

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